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Manatee Candidate Profiles

County Commission

District 2

Amanda Ballard 


"Ballard’s platform sets her as a defender of parental rights, anti-COVID-19 restrictions and mandates, and a passionate supporter of current Florida Republican Governor Ron Desantis."

-The Bradenton Times' Dawn Kitterman

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Reggie Bellamy


"Bellamy has been a strong advocate for his district, fighting to ensure the vision for a north-of-the-river aquatics facility that was initiated by his predecessor, while also tirelessly pointing out the lack of sidewalks, lighting, and infrastructure in his district."

-The Bradenton Times

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Charles B. Smith


"While serving on the BOCC, Smith was a tireless advocate for infrastructure investment in the district, particularly streetlights and sidewalks, which remain noticeably absent in many areas. Smith also lobbied for a public pool north of the river, where the county had long-promised to build one but never came through on the funds."

-The Bradenton Times

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On August 23rd, Democratic voters will decide their candidate. The winner will go on to face Ballard in the general election.

"It will be District 2 Democrats who decide this race, and they will likely do it based on issues that are important to that community. However, it is worth noting that Bellamy has proven to be increasingly aligned with the developers and east county landowners who are flooding his campaign with cash whenever a non-district 2 development issue comes before the board."

-The Bradenton Times' Dennis "Mitch" Maley

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Election Information

Sat., Aug 13 - Sun., Aug 21: Early Voting

Sat., Aug 13, 5 PM.: Deadline to request a vote-by-mail ballot be mailed

Tues., Aug 23, 2022 - Primary Election; Elections Office must receive vote-by-mail ballots by 7pm

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